• A social mobility organisation
    led by, and for, state-school educated
    university students
    pursuing corporate careers.

Our mission

inState is a UK-wide, student-led network, aiming to broaden access for state-school educated university students pursuing corporate career paths.

At the core of our vision is the creation of a social network to empower students from under-represented backgrounds.

As a group of students who have experienced similar challenges throughout our academic journeys, we recognised the importance of sharing our knowledge and opportunities. Having previously engaged with other social mobility initiatives, we saw the value of an exclusively student-led social mobility organisation. inState therefore seeks to both widen and improve the representation of state school educated professionals in corporate careers, in the following pathways:

Each Pathway delivers a specialised programme of:

  • Peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Industry-focused professional development masterclasses
  • Tailored opportunities listings
  • Exclusive networking opportunities

Our internal team consists of students from across UK universities who share a common commitment to diversifying and demystifying corporate pathways.

Our team

Our Pathways



Commercial Law

By State School Students, for State School Students.

United by students from across the country from the following universities

Our Partner Student Societies.